Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Steph Says: New Year, Same Me...but Better.

The year I reached some pretty amazing goals.
The year I began as a reluctant stay-at-home-mom.
The year I got down to 179 lbs.
The year I was hungry.
The year I started seeing muscle.
The year I fit into size medium dresses.
The year I threw away all of my "fat clothes."
The year I started believing in myself.
The year I ran my first marathon.
The year I decided "just eat the cheeseburger."
The year I told myself "you can burn it off later."
The year my bad habits caught up to me.
The year I gained back 20 lbs (25 on a bad day).
The year my pants stopped fitting.
The year I cleaned out so many toxic friendships.
The year I cultivated new and amazing friends.
The year I fell in love with being Rascal's mama all day long.
The year that taught me how to grow.
The year that I got comfortable.

The year I turn 30.
The year I will finally achieve my goals.
The year I get a part-time job doing something really rewarding.
The year I work on my patience.
The year I get faster.
The year I get stronger.
The year I work harder.
The year I start seeing food as fuel.
The year, 20 days in, that I can't stop thinking about king cake.
The year I haven't given in and split a whole king cake with the hubs.
The year the hubs is on board, too.
The year I start liking what I see in the mirror every day.
The year I try new things.
The year of paleo.
The year of Crossfit.
The year of "it might not last all year, but it's a good place to start."
The year of cheat meals, not cheat days, which turn into cheat weekends and weeks and months.
The year I refuse to give up on myself again.
The year I show Rascal how to be strong, confident, and love herself from the inside-out.
The year I set a good example.
The year I get uncomfortable.