Monday, December 15, 2014

Steph Says: Body Pump Challenge Results

So it's been about three weeks since the 6-week Body Pump challenge ended. I was hoping to get my T-shirt so I could show it off in this post, but the gym hasn't gotten it tagetha and the shirts are MIA. I do know that I didn't win the grand prize... Boo. Not all that sad, considering I wasn't even sure what the grand prize was. Priorities.

Anyway, here are the photographic results. The "after" shot of my back is way darker, but please don't think I'm trying to fool you with edited lighting and a fancy filter. Ain't nobody (me) got time for that. I am not that tan, nor am I that talented. It's just not an easy picture to capture. 
(Side note: Have you ever tried to take a picture of your back, in a mirror, while flexing? It is NOT an easy feat. Go ahead, try it. I'll wait here.)

So- I definitely see a difference in my back picture, under my shoulders. What is that, my tricep muscle? It's higher and tighter than it was before. The flexing pic, well, y'all can judge that one for yourselves. I don't see a huge difference. 
And now for the numbers.

Bicep: WAS 12.5 inches, NOW 12.25 inches. -.25 inches
Bust: WAS 38 inches, NOW 37 inches. -1 inch 
Waist: WAS 34.5 inches, NOW 34 inches. -.5 inches
Hips: WAS 45.5 inches, NOW 45 inches. -.5 inches
Thigh: WAS 27 inches, NOW 24.75 inches. -2.25 inches (say whaaaaaa?)
Total inches lost: 4.5

And now the word "inches" looks so freakin WEIRD to me. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. 

What I learned during those six weeks:
1. Squats and lunges, although they SUCK, work wonders for my legs. I was pretty shocked by the 2.25 inch loss in my thighs, but I could tell on those rare occasions when I'd wear my jeans.
2. I need to BE CONSISTENT with lifting. I was so tired some days, and there were moments when I thought GOODBYE WORLD, I'm about to drop this bar on my neck. But it was a good, sore, happy tired because I felt so accomplished. 
3. I'm capable of lifting more than I thought.

Moving Forward:
1. KEEP LIFTING. When I'm training for a distance run, I tend to put all thoughts of the gym out of my mind other than my one cross-training day. And while running is an excellent exercise, it doesn't do for my body what weights can do.
2. Get yo' mind right, Stephanie. And by mind, I mean mouth. I feel like ohhhhh, I burned sooooo many calories, now I can eat ALL THE THINGS.... well, I can't. Today is Monday, the wonderful day to restart and recharge, the day that every diet begins on. 

Until next time, where I'll recap my second half marathon.... 


  1. YOU. LOOK. AMAZING!!! How'd squats and lunges help the bootay? I've GOT to get some junk in my trunk, even if it's just muscle lol.

    1. Honestly, I can't really see my own butt in the mirror very well... It definitely hasn't hurt though! I think it's a lot less lumpy than it once was. But I always see that squats are the BEST for building a bootay!