Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Presently Loving- March 2015

We've decided to compile a list each month of everything we are presently loving- from new workouts, to foods, to clothes, to funny things we find on the internet, and everything in between. It'll be a little smattering of both Meg and Steph's favorite things... this month.


This show. Y'all. Our latest guilty pleasure. The Royals on E! is delightfully trashy. Equal parts comical, dramatic, and "royally" scandalous. You should watch it simply for the Queen's hilarious comments about her ehhh... "adventurous" daughter:


  • This City! Especially since spring decided to make its arrival, this place has been a lively scene for all of my creative moments, and a reliable muse during my occasional bouts of writer's block. There's always something interesting going on around here, and some of my new favorite things to do lately are roaming around in the shops downtown, people watching, finding cool pieces of art to muse over, and finding comfy, offbeat coffee shops to write in. 


        It's also a fun place to feed the sports fanatic in me..... 

....and sometimes, to try new things. And although I'm still on the fence about the whole Rodeo scene (blog to follow) and fireworks inside NRG Stadium (is that even safe? ehhh...no one died), Zac Brown put on one hell of a performance. First rodeo experience...Check  

  • Bare Minerals' Mineralixers line! I'm constantly on the prowl for good skincare products, and Bare Minerals never disappoints, so I finally tried this one out. It's a far cry from conventional skincare, but give it a shot. If you can get used to washing your face with oil and THEN adding water (messed that up a few times), then you'll love it. I hate the way my skin feels after workouts (sweat is good for your skin..yea yea, I get it. But it feels yuck!) So I wash my face a lot post-workout and this trio is a lifesaver for cleansing the skin and replenishing the moisture you lose by washing your face. The 5-Oil Blend and Eye Balm are light and feel amazing on my skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

  • Nike Free 5.0 Trainers. Loving these! I hate the annoyance of having different shoes for different types of training, so I love the fact that these are just as good for sprint training, HIT, and long distance cardio as they are for heavy impact weight training. Hands down, my favorite training shoe! 

  • BOXING! I've reunited with an old friend of mine -- The ultimate antidote for a bad day and the most fun you'll ever have doing cardio. It's great for cardio work, warming up the shoulders, or getting in a high intensity kickboxing workout, especially when working with a trainer or partner using the boxing mitts for challenging moving target workouts. 

I love the versatility of it. If you're working out alone and have access to the boxing dummy or punching bag in the gym, you can grab a set of boxing gloves and find a workout that works for you, depending on what you're working that day. The one below is a great one!

And when you're on the road or can't get to the gym, there are plenty of boxing circuits that can easily be simulated with no equipment (there are tons of them online). Definitely at the top of the list for this month's favorite cardio workout!


  • This season! My favorite season has always been fall. The crisp chill in the air meant scarves, sweaters, boots...you know...layers. Layers of clothes to cover up the layers of chunk. And the dark colors were so slimming (but I use that word lightly, looking back)! This is the first spring season that I am CONFIDENT in rocking these pastel colors and printed shorts and sleeveless tops. And let me tell you, it's a great feeling. Bring it on, summer.

  • This 21 Day Arm Challenge from PopSugar. I have always been a fan of this site and I get their emails daily, but this one I'm sticking to because it's something I can easily do at home with the Rascal running about. I took this pic after the first workout. We shall see the difference in 21 days! 

P.S. I feel like such a goob when I flex. And then take pictures of said flexing. Anyone else with me on that? 

  • This sweatshirt. The length! The fabric! Perfection. Honestly, it's the best sweatshirt I have ever purchased. I want one in every color. 

  • This breakfast. Along with the warmer temps comes the desire for iced coffee, fresh fruit, and...a steaming bowl of oatmeal? No thanks. Lauren Conrad in her infinite wisdom has concocted this particular recipe for Overnight Oats. I know there are dozens of variations out there, but this is the basic I keep going back to. I also add a little scoop of protein powder to make it even more filling. Some people warm it up, but I like it right out of the fridge. Then you can add whatever you want to jazz it up. Banana and peanut butter? Sure! Brown sugar and Craisins? Why not! Pumpkin pie spice and walnuts? If that floats your boat! You can't really go wrong with this stuff.  

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