Saturday, May 9, 2015

Meg and Steph: Weekend Warriors

Meg came in for the weekend and in classic fashion, we sat out on the patio at Agave, drank margaritas, inhaled chips and queso, and gorged ourselves on beef fajitas.
We wish.

Instead we had a sensible sushi lunch, went to Academy, and worked out in Steph's backyard.

Meg & Steph's Weekend Warrior Workout

10 Sets of Selfies with Luna Bar

60 Seconds Sparring 
60 Seconds Forward Facing Jabs 
60 Seconds Kicks

Rest for two minutes in between each set, and take plenty of pictures.

[Circuit 1]
Jump Squats (15)
Goblet Squats (15)
Weighted Walking Lunges (15)
Single Leg Deadlifts (15)
-repeat circuit 3x-

Weighted Walking Lunges
Single Leg Deadlifts

[Circuit 2]
Reverse lunges to leg raise (15 each leg, alternate legs)
Deadlifts (25)
Kettle bell swings  (25)
Deadlift-squat-press combo with kettle bell (15)
-repeat circuit 3x-

Press with Kettle Bell

[Circuit 3]
Lateral Raises (15, 5lb weight)
Hammer Curls (15, 10lb weights)
Tricep Extension (10, kettle bell)
Shoulder Press (12, 10lb weights)
-repeat circuit 3x-

And just for funsies, throw in some 40lb Mulch Flips, Oblique Twists with partner, and Sit-up Soccer Ball Throws with partner. You work with whatcha got.

Have an awesome weekend!!!

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