Thursday, May 28, 2015

Steph Says: Stitch Fix Box 2 Review

My second Stitch Fix box was so much better than my first, and I kinda wanted to keep everything! But you know, the whole "I have no job and no real paycheck coming in and my husband doesn't seem to believe that new clothes are a NEED and not simply a WANT" thing makes me have to hold back. It's not fun.

But seriously. I NEED NEW CLOTHES.
My closet is stuck in this weird mid-life crisis. Approximately 1/8 of it has cute, current, stylish things that fit me nicely. Half of it is gym clothes and "I'm not leaving my house today" clothes. The other 3/8 is filled with my old teaching gear, which is now mostly too big but I keep hanging on to it "just in case." Does anyone else do that?! Oh hey, this shirt could also double as a circus tent in a pinch, but I better keep it just in case... in case of what? An emergency circus tent malfunction?
I don't even like the circus.
And I wouldn't be wearing a dressy work top to the circus if I did happen to find myself at one.
And somehow I've gotten completely off track. Surprise, surprise.

If you're like...what is this mythical Stitch Fix she's talking about? check out my first post for all the details on how it works. Basically, cute clothes show up on your doorstep. I'm in. 

Thanks again to The Hubs for his photog skills. We even took this one outside. He's earning his paycheck, that one. Onto the Fix!

Item #1
Fun2Fun Clarise Mixed Print Tank
I. Love. This. Top. I love the print, I love the length, I love the colors, I just LOVE IT. $38 was a little pricey, but I try to keep at least one item so my $20 styling fee doesn't go to waste. I totally kept this one and I've worn it enough already to get my money's worth.

Item #2
Daniel Rainn Tolley Mixed Print Crochet Detail Tie-Neck Blouse
(that's a mouthful)
Okay. Sixty-eight dollars? What the what? Are you kidding me? And I find Daniel Rainn tops at TJ Maxx for $16.99 on the reg. Maybe you're paying for the ridiculously long style name? This was cute, but a nope.
Because I can think of a dozen ways I'd rather spend $70!

Item #3
Papermoon Zemba Henley Blouses
I liked this top. I like it even more now that I'm looking at this picture again. But up close, the print was just weird. Really weird. On second thought, I'm satisfied that it was sent back.

Item #4
Papermoon Rylie Embroidery Detail Tank
So much love for this top. I'm a sucker for embroidery detail, so I knew right away I was keeping this one. I wore it for Rascal's birthday party because it matched the decor (yes, I wanted to match my daughter's party's plates. Shut up). She's a keeper!

Item #5
Pixley Marie Abstract Chevron Elastic Waist Dress
Aww, this dress. It was cute. I liked it. But I wasn't head-over-heels for it, and there was something not quite right about the little flap of underboob fabric. Plus, it was not a summer-in-Louisiana-friendly material. If you live in the South, I know you feel me.

So there you have it! Box #2 was a definite winner in my book. I feel like the stylists over there are getting to know me a little bit better, so I'm going to be requesting my next box soon. What should I ask for?

And if you think you'd love a Fix in your life, I'd be mucho thankful if you'd use my referral code.

Hope you have a lovely Friday!

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