Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Steph Says: 5 A.M. Club Status

It's 5:32 a.m.
I just finished a half-hour of Body Pump and I'm about to head out for a 3-mile run (hopefully as the sun comes up, because it's dark out here y'all).
Who am I?
A year ago (hell, 3 months ago) I LAUGHED at the thought of waking up at before the crack of dawn to WORK OUT. 
Then one fateful day, a friend texted me and said, "Hey Steph, a mutual friend tells me you go to the gym at 5 a.m.?" I surely spit out my Spark. You MUST have me confused with someone else. But my sweet friend had a good point. With my workout over and done with before Rascal Mae is up and at 'em and the Hubs still snoring peacefully, I wouldn't have to do it later. There would be less of a chance of me being too tired. Or too full. Or too lazy. Plus, I'd get to spend more time with my family in the evenings, and nothing is worth more than that. 
"Family Time": Where a simple you know mom, I'm just not feeling this carrot and broccoli mix you made microwaved for me, but thanks anyway would suffice. 

On another tangent, I gotta throw a shout out to the poor, long-suffering Hubs. He has been so supportive of my weight loss journey and I couldn't have done it without him. Seriously. It was soooo easy to go for a run sans kiddo. I wish I had taken better advantage of it then, but alas, I didn't. So now if I want a good, quality run without my janky-wheeled running stroller and general lack of coordination (it's a sight to see, lemme tell ya), I need the Hubs to be on Rascal-wrangling duty. And with MARATHON TRAINING (yea that'll probably be in caps every time I type it, sorry) upon us, I'll be needing him more than ever. So THANK YA HUBS!

A little before 6:30 a.m. I was back in my driveway doing some stretches and hoping no neighbors were awake to witness them (see the aforementioned lack of coordination).

And sure enough...
The sun came up.

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  1. First- body pump then running!? Go girl! I love an early morning work out myself, been lacking the AM motivation these days though. I saw on Facebooks you're going for the whole she-bang at Zydeco?! I'm thinking me too! If you need a long distance group- I've got an "In" with some peeps ;)