Friday, November 7, 2014

Steph Says: Cajun Cup Insomnia

I am excited.
Too excited to sleep.
Tomorrow is the Cajun Cup 10k.
Last year I finished the 6.2 miles in 1:32. With my current pace, I'm planning to finish as close to 1:05 as humanly possible.

My kicks and gear are ready to roll out tomorrow morning!
Jacket: Target // Shirt: Abundant Heart // Bra: Under Armour //
Tights: Old Navy // Socks: Balega Hidden Comfort // Watch: Polar FT4//
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Creation 15// Sunnies: Oakley Daisy Chain

In other news, a picture showed up on my Timehop (anyone else obsessed with that app?) a few days ago, and it really took me back. It was one of my first "outfit selfies." I so clearly remember taking that picture because I felt like I was finally seeing some progress in my quest to lose the baby weight.

And there I am on the right, almost exactly one year later. I feel incredible. I'm three sizes smaller and I don't even know how many pounds lighter, but I'd guess at least 50. I couldn't even pull the boots up all the way last year. I'm wearing capri pants on the left barely tucked into the tops of the boots, and now they fit over my jeans. This hasn't been an easy year, but I'm always floored by how far I've come.

Another amazing occurrence today- I stopped by Old Navy to get some new compression tights and on a whim I grabbed a medium in this slighty-awful maroon pattern. I also grabbed a cute tank in a medium because they were fresh out of larges, which is what I usually wear.
And they fit.

Yea, the leggings are hella tight. Yea, the pattern is atrocious.
So naturally I got them in black. This is a major thing, y'all, because when I started running post-kiddo, I was barely wriggling into an XXL. Now I'm comfortably in a MEDIUM. They look tight, but they feel great. And the shirt is pretty freakin' cute, too! My choice of socks is questionable. But they were hidden under boots all day. Cut me some slack.

Now for the bad news- I'm not going to want to wear my large tights anymore, and this unemployed Mama can't be spending all kinds of money on a new workout wardrobe!

The struggle. It's real.

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